Silicone Foam

Silicone foam is a new and innovative material that have several unique properties, that make this material ideal in mattresses, pillows and other baby equipment.

Excellent breathability

You may have experienced that several brands promise that their memory foam pillows and mattresses have a very high breathability. But the problem is that memory foam has a hard time getting rid of heat, which is why your child may get hot and sweaty while sleeping. While some brands try to address this by making holes or grooves in the foam to increase the air circulation, this is often not enough to compensate for this simple fact.

Silicone Foam, on the other hand, has an excellent breathability that allows your child to get rid of the heat when sleeping.


Most kind of foams cannot withstand water and therefore you cant wash it when accidents occurs.

Therefore, it is a huge advantage that silicone foam can withstand water and very high temperatures. This means that our products can either be machine-washed at 60°C at the lowest rpm, or hand-washed at up to 95°C for optimal hygiene. The silicone foam does not suck water and fluids pass effortlessly through it. Therefore, you are sure that your child wont sleep on a bacterial infested surface.

Silikoneskum er vaskbart

Allergy friendly

Silicone is a very clean and allergy friendly material. Therefore, it is often used in products designed to come in contact with food and in healthcare products.

Silicone foam don´t contain any fillers or toxic by products.

Silikoneskum er allergivenligt

Inhibits mites

Mites cannot survive in silicone foam. Therefore you can safely put your child to sleep on our mattresses and pillows.

High comfort & long stability

Silicone foam supports your child´s body perfectly, so it lies on a firm and comfortable surface. This ensures a good and ergonomic lying position.

Tests have shown that silicone foam can be compressed over 8,000 times, without losing its original shape. Therefore , our mattresses and pillows have a very long product lifetime

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