About US

We came up with the idea for Baby Cloud because I became a first-time dad in the spring of 2018. Like all other new parents, my girlfriend and I suddenly stood in a new situation where dirty diapers and lack of sleep were part of everyday life.

medstifter af baby cloud

One of our biggest challenges was that our daughter slept poorly for a long period of time. This period was characterized by a unhappy child who only slept few hours at a time and often woke up soaked in sweat, so we had to change clothes and bedding. We tried different mattresses and quilts from well-known brands. Who promised that the products high breathability could handle the problem. However, we were surprised at how small a difference they actually made.

I work at Vigor Healthcare, a family-owned company, where we develop and manufacture medical aids and hospital equipment for the global healthcare sector. While struggling with the mentioned challenge at home, Vigor introduced our newly developed silicone foam, that we expect will revolutionize the healthcare industry in the years to come.

Silicone foam is allergy friendly and more breathable than other foam types and can withstand very high washing temperatures. Therefore, we realized that it is an ideal material for pillows, mattresses and other baby equipment.

We have our own factory in China, so there was not long from thought to action. Today, we are proud of that our products gives families an easier everyday life, so they can focus on the things that really matters!

Daniel Jensen, Baby Cloud co-founder.