Flat Head Syndrome

It is strongly recommended that your child sleep on the back to prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Unfortunately, this increases the risk of developing a flat head/crooked skull. But what is flat head syndrome and can you do something to avoid it?

Fladt baghoved

Huge success

This sleeping position and more focus on preventing your child from getting too hot during sleep and avoiding passive smoking has been a huge success. Therefore, SIDS only occurs on very rare occasions today. See the Danish Health Authorities recommendations .

Unfortunate side effect

Therefore, there are no good reason for not following these recommendations. But it do have one unfortunate side effect, the risk of developing a flat head or crooked skull increases significantly.

What is it?

To allow your baby to pass through the pelvis during childbirth, it is born with a very soft skull. And after birth, it takes approximately six months for the skull to be fully developed. It is during this period, that there is a risk for your child to develop flat head syndrome, better known as a flat head or crooked skull. Although it varies how often this occurs from country to country. An American study  from 2013 have proved that 46,6% infants develops Flat Head Syndrome in some manner.

What can you do?

In order to prevent a flat head/crooked skull, it is recommended that you change the position of your child´s head regularly during sleep. And potentially use our Ergonomic Baby Pillow, which reduce the pressure on your child’s head. In addition, your child should spend as much time as possible lying on the stomach. But you need to introduce this gradually and never leave your child unattended during tummy time.