Carrycot Mattress 29x75 cm

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Pamper your baby with a carrycot mattress made from silicone foam, som har en fremragende åndbarhed. Den er allergivenlig og afviser støvmider. Desuden er den vaskbar når uheldet er ude. Derfor sikrer den dit barn en god og komfortabel søvn. De fleste oplever at deres børn forlænger den sammenhængende søvn markant.

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Pamper your child with a Silicone Foammattress with an excellent breathability. The mattress is allergy friendly and inhibits dust mites. In addition, it is washable at high degress when accident happens.

Choose Baby Cloud when good sleep matters most!

Sleep is an essential ingredient in your child’s development. Good sleep strengthen the immune system and promotes learning and growth. Therefore, it is important that you choose a mattress that ensures your child a good and comfortable sleep. Baby Cloud’s silicone foam mattresses are designed to provide a healthier and better sleeping experience.

Excellent breathability

To prevent your baby from getting too hot and sweating while sleeping, it is important that he or she use a carrycot mattress with a very high breathability. Many brands make their carrycot mattress in memory foam. But because memory foam retains and trap body heat, your child will build up more body heat than it can get rid of when sleeping. Some mattresses have holes or grooves in the foam to increase air circulation, but while this can make a difference, it does not change the fact, that the foam material has a very poor breathable. Silicone Foam, on the other hand, has an excellent breathability that allows your child to get rid of the heat when sleeping.

Washable carrycot mattress

Unlike memory foam, silicone foam are washable at high temperatures. Therefore, you can wash the mattress if required and ensure that your child don´t sleep on a bacterial infested mattress.

Avoid mold in the baby carriage

Baby carriages are very exposed when it comes to develop mold and mildew in the fabric. This can happen if the baby carriage is covered with a wet rain cover or are standing outside in a damp weather, or if the mattress and blankets lack ventilation. Since small children have a weaker immune system than adults, they are at greater risk of developing asthma and allergies, therefore, this is obviously a major issue. Because silicone foam dries very quickly and has an excellent breathability, it is easier to prevent the occurrence of unwanted mold. If your baby carriage is attached with mold or mildew, you can learn how to safely remove it ..


Dimensions 29 x 75 x 4 cm.
Color White
Machinewash 60°C
Handwash 95°C
Inner Material 100% Silicone foam
Outer Material 81% Nylon, 19% Elastane
HMI-no. 125157

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Weight 0.875 kg
Dimensions 75 × 29 × 4 cm


  1. Heidi Scharff Hansen

    Previously my daughter slept less than 45 min during daytime nap in her baby carriage. But after she started sleeping on her new mattress, she sleeps 1.5 hours +. I am convinced that it is due to her new mattress, so thank you for that

  2. Mette Brandt Andersen

    Our son have ben given a fantastic carrycot mattress, which we want to give our highest recommendations. It is of the highest quality and since our son tend to get ver yhot when sleeping, the high breathability does a huge difference

  3. Nicklas Bendtsen Sahlgren

    Baby Cloud har nogle fantastiske madrasser, som både støtter og tilpasser sig vores søn. De små badesvampe er også super👍

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